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Basic Authorization and htaccess style authentication on the Play! Framework an Silhouete

August 18, 2018


Silhouette is probably the best library to implement authentication and authorization within the Play Framework. Git repo here : It is very powerful, as you can manage a common identity from multiple providers, so you can have users logging into your site from google, facebook, JWT,  and may other methods. It also allows you to fine […]

Custom Window Function in Spark to create Session IDs

October 29, 2017


(note: crossposted from my Nuvolatech Blog If you’ve worked with Spark, you have probably written some custom UDF or UDAFs. UDFs are ‘User Defined Functions’, so you can introduce complex logic in your queries/jobs, for instance, to calculate a digest for a string, or if you want to use a java/scala library in your queries.